Earning $10,000 per month in style

The tools you need to earn $10,000 consistently in your business

Learn the Step by Step Formula that can move you to the next level in your business.

January 25th - 29th @ 9am EST

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During this 5 day ( 1 hour sessions) live masterclass you will learn:

  1. Mindset shifts you must know to reach consistent $10K+ every month
  2. Strategies that move you from employee level salary to 6 figures yearly
  3. Step by step formula to grow your business to the next level 

...and doing it all with ease and in style

Are you a coach, consultant or business owner who is deeply craving to jump to that next level of income in 2021?

You’re doing a lot and it feels like you take all the actions under the Sun but you’re not breaking through to that €10k per month solid?

You watch others in your industry doing it so easily & you wonder ‘what have they got that I don’t’? 

You KNOW deep down you can do more & you deserve more but you just don’t know how?

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Meet Marc

A Money Multiplying Mindset Coach.

Marc is helping coaches and business owners to go from Hustle to Freedom. No more 24/7, but growing your business to consistent 5 figures a month with ease.

Marc is originally from Quebec, Canada and one of the top consultants on business mindset worldwide, mentored by the legendary Bob Proctor.

Marc created a massive international business for himself and is teaching the exact methodology he uses to his clients. He is operating in 3 languages and founded Marc Jospitre Consulting to help coaches and business owners create great results in their business and lives.

“I am so grateful to have met Marc. In the 6 months I worked with him I earned as much as in the 2 years prior. Now I am in the position to give my family what they want and need, providing greater service to my clients and creating a better world. I love how I feel, knowing that every day I am living my purpose of helping people. I know this is just the beginning.”  Fernando R.

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